Office Information: Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

North Point Physical Therapy is located at 801 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 304, Munster, IN as part of our Munster Office. The center is 1600 square foot which includes a private treatment room, mobilization tables, treadmill, stationary bike, resistive rehabilitation equipment and free weights.

Katie Metros, PT, DPT is the clinical manager for North Point PT. She will treat our patients with therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Her area of expertise includes back/neck pain, arm/shoulder pain, leg/knee pain, foot/ankle, hand, sports, work injuries, post surgical conditions and most other orthopedic injuries along with acute and chronic pain.

Her goal is a continued part of the mission statement at NPO which is to provide patients with the highest quality orthopedic care in a courteous and respectful manner striving to enhance the quality of life and focus on each patient as an individual providing their specific needs in a compassionate, caring, and cost-effective manner.

Katie Metros will perform a complete initial PT evaluation at the request of Dr. McComis. She will perform specialized testing to determine the plan of care for your orthopedic problem and develop an individualized treatment plan and home exercise program specific for your functional goals. She will complete your course of treatment from the beginning of care to end of treatment to ensure focused attention for your best possible functional outcome.