6 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

“Exercise,” Your Doctor advised.

You agreed in the office but…easier said than done. Discovering an exercise regimen (that you will actually stick with) is difficult. Especially if you’re not an athlete. Perhaps running isn’t for you, kickboxing will flare up an old injury, and dance class sounds embarrassing.

Sound familiar?

Or, maybe you used to love exercise, but can’t find anything that fits your current ability. But you know the importance of cardio and strength training, especially when you’re *ahem* advanced in age.

Guess what? Exercise doesn’t have to feel like punishment. It should be something that you love, so that you continue to keep it a part of your lifestyle. Consider swimming for exercise!

    Swimming is fun!

    Swimming is an exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore.

    Swimming is low impact.

    If you have an injury or you are worried about becoming injured, swimming is low impact on your body while still reaping the benefits of a challenging workout. In fact, pregnant women often choose swimming as a workout because of its low impact. Unlike running, cross-fit, or other challenging workouts, swimming puts less stress on your muscles, joints, and bones. Swimming allows you to be active without compromising your comfort.

    Swimming is cardio and strength training.

    Not everyone enjoys getting sweaty, but many people hope to shed a few pounds. Swimming is a way to get a full body work out, including core, back, legs, while being great for the lungs and heart. All of the benefits without getting overheated! Swimming laps is considered an aerobic exercise, but even doing light exercises in water provides a gentle resistance.

    Swimming is for everyone.

    Almost everyone can use swimming as an enjoyable way to exercise. Just about anyone of any age, ability, body type, experience, and health condition can use water for exercise in some capacity. It is especially good for senior citizens and people with arthritis. Why not make it a way to bond with your family members? Children generally love to play in the water!

    Swimming is happiness.

    Who doesn’t feel like a little kid when they are splashing in a pool? Spending time in the water can improve your mental clarity, improve sleep, boost your mood, reduce stress, all while improving your physical health. During the hot summer months, why not dip in a Lake Michigan to get closer to nature?

    Go at your own pace.

    Swimming is a great way to get off the couch and return to exercise. You can start off slow and still reap all the benefits of a workout. You can even take a class at your local YMCA. Consult with your doctor about an exercise plan. A good work out is 30 minutes but take your time at the beginning. Even walking in the pool provides some resistance.

Although swimming is a wonderful exercise for all ages, water alone is not a magical solve-all. If you have hip, knee, or other problems that keep you from enjoying life in and out of the water, call North Point Orthopaedics to make an appointment. We offer high-quality orthopaedic care to the Region. Let’s get you back in the pool and back to better health! Call 219-836-1060 today to schedule an appointment.

6 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise