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Why You Need NPO

Ouch! Has pain transformed you into someone else? Someone who sits instead of dances? Someone who declines invitations? Constant knee, back, or other pain transforms your life in terrible ways. It can cause depression, weight gain, strained relationships, and trouble at work. No matter if the pain throbs, pinches, stabs, or aches, all you want is relief.

New Year, New Building

3…2…1…Happy New Year! Break out the noise makers, party hats and shiny confetti because at North Point Orthopaedics, we have a big reason to celebrate 2020.

Food for Arthritis Pain: The Best & Worst

Arthritis pain disrupts daily life. It can rob you of joy, relaxation, sleep, and the ability to do the things you love. It affects people of all ages, genders, races, and in all climates. Arthritis is tricky because it comes and goes.

6 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise

Guess what? Exercise doesn’t have to feel like punishment. It should be something that you love, so that you continue to keep it a part of your lifestyle. Consider swimming for exercise!

5 Reasons You Should Walk For Exercise

Walking is for everyone! It is a fun, affordable way to exercise the whole family can enjoy. Walk your way to good health by creating a daily walking routine. Start at your own pace in a terrain that is right for you.